In-house PD in schools often lack ‘drama’. Which means they are boring.

Are you ready to engage your teachers?

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Training: Workshop Coaching

Engage your staff and learn how to facilitate meaningful professional development opportunities and what it takes to create adult learning spaces where participants are excited to learn. This course boosts communication and trust between leaders and staff, as you learn to apply the 9-step framework of an expert facilitator that makes any in-school workshop meaningful and relevant.

Signs of an expert include:

clarity in message

engaged teachers and higher morale

provokes a healthy level of cognitive conflict

inclusive practices that work for all participants

Workshop coaching for teachers

A highly interactive, fast-paced course to help innovative educators deliver inspiring and engaging workshops to their staff.

“Engaging school staff in professional learning is a skill that can be learned”

In the Workshop Coaching training you will receive expert feedback three times directly after you deliver mini-workshops to your like-minded peers and the facilitator. If you want to be an expert workshop leader and deliver a transformative experience to your participants, you need to get instant feedback as you find your voice through trial and error. The feedback comes to you in the most patient, kind, transparent and honest manner, so you can learn and grow in a low-stakes environment.

What THEY say

What you will learn:


To apply the framework that makes each in-house PD successful


To avoid common pitfalls that limit the impact of your delivery


To understand and meet the needs of diverse learners


To deal with difficult participants during in-house PD

How you will spend your time:

Develop your conceptual understanding:

  • Each Live Learning session is a 2-hour learning experience during which you will come together with your facilitator/coach to master the 9-step framework of effective in-house workshops.
  • Together we examine each step of the framework through example learning experiences and structured interaction.
  • Then experiment with each step by adapting, changing and expanding on the knowledge presented.
  • Each session has its own theme.

Practice your skills:

  • Each Skills Practice session is a 2-hour learning experience during which you will plan, co-create and deliver mini-workshops applying the 9-step framework of effective in-house workshops.
  • Receive individualised, direct and explicit feedback showcasing your growth in understanding of the framework in action, as well as provide peer feedback to others.

Apply and showcase your learning by submitting two exhibits from your own context:

  • Motivate understanding of content
  • Showcase application in your setting
  • Choose next steps for continuous learning

The first and final live sessions together are preparation and closing Q&A sessions:

  • Connect previous knowledge with session content and explore background in relation to session content and objectives.
  • Evaluate our learning throughout the course and celebrate achievement.

Join our online workshop, or inquire into private training options for you or your school instead.

This workshop is right for you if:

You want people to enjoy attending PD

You want to see their learning result in a change of practice

Maximise the use of time

You struggle with disengaged learners

“Everything is practical, relevant and fast and you’ll never get anything gimmicky or airy-fairy from me”

What else you need to know:

Small groups: minimum 4 and maximum 12 participants

All my feedback is recorded and produced exclusively to you.

Participants have access to content for 30 days after the last session to help supplement learning.


Individual: €775  currently for €600

Do you have a group of 10 or more? Contact me for custom pricing and timing!