Jerica Claassen
PYP Coordinator and IB workshop Leader; Boston International School; China

Aubrey is patient and extremely knowledgeable. His expertise and experience was evident in the advice given to myself and others. He has an empathetic demeanour which allows those working with him to feel comfortable which encourages one to always do their best. He goes the extra mile as a trainer, which allows one working with him to feel seen and heard. He has the ability to take you out of your comfort zone, and helps you to achieve and see in yourself your own worth and what you are capable of.

I would highly recommend Aubrey as a coach/trainer, you will walk away not only being inspired to implement all your learning but there is a personal aspect that other coaches don’t have, in that even in a group he acknowledges everyone as an individual and he caters to that. He brings an expertise and a world of experience that would benefit anyone that is privileged to be in one of his sessions.

You will walk away being inspired to make a change, whether it is as a whole for the school, for the class/department or indirectly for themselves. You will learn attributes of how to communicate in a way that transcends language and cultures as was seen when I worked with him. You will learn how to facilitate sessions to ensure that there is a balance of delivering content, collaboration, communication and importantly: listening.

I have learned how to facilitate workshops. How to read a room, which allowed me to adapt and change sessions and content. How to present information to various participants, and using different materials and tools, so as to cater to all participants. Importantly I have learned on a personal level to believe in myself and what I am capable of, an invaluable lesson especially when doubts come rushing in.

Richard Bruford
Upper School Principal; International School of Indiana, USA

Aubrey is focused on supporting school leaders and teachers to improve their pedagogy with both an inquiry and concept-based approach to teaching and learning in mind.

Aubrey is genuinely collaborative and sees people as partners in the school improvement process and in teacher professional growth and improvement. He has a wealth of expertise with the implementation of the IB middle years programme and is able to support schools and teachers improving their practice in the delivery of this programme.

When working with him, he will ask questions that challenge you to genuinely reflect on your practice. He provides honest feedback on the current situation, progress and growth. He has an open mind in that we can grow and improve in a variety of ways and there is no one size fits all approach to best practice in education.

In working with Aubrey, I found him to be a reliable and trustworthy colleague. He is persistent in making improvements.

Lisa Nnadozie
Secondary Principal; Nagoya International School; Japan

People feel inspired and empowered when working with Aubrey. He is a strategic thinker who as an effective communicator is able to move any school forward by bringing staff together.

His ability to understand diverse cultural contexts, foster learning opportunities for others and leverage technology for educational purposes makes him a standout professional in the realm of international education. He has an ability to listen, mentor and support without appearing condescending, is constantly supportive, and fun to work alongside.

Aubrey not only has a wealth of experience internationally… but also he is a fantastic coach. He exhibits active listening, supports goal setting and the creation of actionable plans and has a track record of helping professionals like you and I navigate the challenges we face in international education. His workshops are informative and interactive and provide a tangible takeaway you can immediately apply in your setting.

He taught me the importance of a clear system that is open and transparent to all. The importance of listening first, but being prepared for many different scenarios and possibilities and handling it all in a calm manner. Being approachable but professional. Looking at the big picture whilst ensuring the details are in place.

Chris Hayden
Capstone Coordinator; Western Academy of Beijing, China

Aubrey is an amazing coach with a wealth of experience and theoretical expertise to draw on. He helped identify tangible solutions for a variety of issues we were facing while helping us build capacity as a learning organization based on trust and community. He is a strong communicator and a people’s person who loves connecting with others! His coaching approach empowers and builds capacity. We have had great fun in the process and found great results as well.

Aubrey will help you better understand your community and its needs. He is able to help dissect issues and make connections with tangible and effective strategies. The interactions are inspirational as you walk with someone who has your back and knows how to support through complex cultural and organizational challenges.

I became a better coach and leader myself through working with Aubrey. Aubrey is a true coach who understands the nature and needs of learning organizations and culture. His strategies and approaches empower groups to build their capacity for change through systems and processes that are responsive and time-tested. His insight into processes and systems helped me better approach others with the goal of having a positive impact on my organization.

Aubrey will inspire and help you and your team build confidence! He is a transformational leader and coach that any organization would benefit greatly from working with.

Chris Horan
Curriculum Coordinator (MYP); Seoul Foreign School

Over the years of knowing Aubrey, I have worked with him in various roles, including IB Lead Educator, Workshop Leader Trainer, School Visiting Team Leader, and In-School Workshop Leader. His experience and ability to effectively lead, train, and guide others set him apart in the educational world.

I have had the pleasure of attending multiple workshops led by Aubrey, and I have been impressed with his facilitation of the workshops and how he creates a safe, stimulating, and engaging learning environment.

His workshops are always well-organized, informative, and tailored to the specific needs of the participants. I have learned a great deal from Aubrey’s workshops and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking professional and effective educational development.

In addition to his workshop facilitation skills, Aubrey’s knowledge of building healthy meeting cultures and providing constructive feedback helped our team reflect on our own practices and move forward as educational leaders.

Marika Farrell
Head of Middle & Upper School; Dwight School Hanoi

Aubrey has leadership expertise that extends across different lenses and includes areas such as the development of school systems, curriculum leadership, accreditation, IB in International Schools. Aubrey’s experience in different countries and different schools gives him many perspectives when looking at situations. In addition, Aubrey is research focused, and uses that research to support his thinking and ideas for change management.

Aubrey knows how to get things done, gave me comfort in knowing that processes are set in place to make working together consistent and predictable. You would never know you needed to work on systems and processes until Aubrey gets into them. Then you realize how much those systems and processes were needed, though the journey along the way to having them embedded may be turbulent!

Aubrey taught me about having a single point of truth, about the importance of predictability and consistency. I learned that the concrete base needs to be strong, and that equates to systems and processes. I also learned how difficult change management is!

Gary Green
Head of School; Shenton College; Australia | Lead Educator for Asia/Pacific training for workshop leaders; International Baccalaureate

Aubrey has a highly developed social and emotional acuity around inclusion, international mindedness and cultural inclusion that allow him to create an environment from which great learning can evolve.

Aubrey is a great and active listener. He seeks to understand by pausing any sense of judgement on a given issue. He has a great dignity in how he interacts with others and, most importantly, recognises the humanity of the people he is working with as the starting point for powerful collaboration.

If you decide to work with Aubrey, you will get a broadened and well thought out perspective on issues which looks for consensus where possible, explores options and seeks alternative viewpoints to facilitate change or solutions in a transparent and respectful way. Aubrey, in summary, is fair, just and even – always.

He taught me a greater awareness and understanding of how to build cultural responsiveness that brings safety, inclusion and balance to complex cultural contexts. That reflective practice requires deliberate engineering to bring about an openness to ideas, an environment to discuss and debate them to bring about deeper thought on a given issue.