You know you have the talent.

Imagine you have an individual roadmap to get the most out of it.

Partner with me let me help you get there

Individual Leadership Effectiveness Training

Imagine that dream job that is the ideal next step for you. What do you need to develop? What experience do you need to build? Develop a clear understanding of your leadership behavior strengths and areas for development and partner with me to plan for your growth using the experience of an accomplished international school leader.

This personalized traineeship combines the MRG 360° Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ with my research-based Healthy School Culture content to deliver a development programme for each type and size of school leadership team.

My Individual Leadership Effectiveness Training is a traineeship for ambitious school leaders and high potentials who want to build on their individual skills as well as work on their team dynamics.

Individual Leadership Effectiveness Training

An interactive, individualized VIP traineeship that helps talented and ambitious educators build their leadership skills and awareness so they reach their potential quickly.

“Receive compelling guidance leading to actionable goals that are certain to develop your effectiveness.”

Great leadership does not have a universal formula. Effective school leaders approach tasks differently depending on the quality of their relationships with their colleagues and this traineeship will raise your self-awareness dramatically: and transform your practice.

This Individual Leadership Effectiveness training aims to provide you with the feedback, tools and support you need to become more effective, more quickly, through individual coaching sessions, a concise individual development plan and allows you to take full advantage of my experience.

I bring in all the techniques that are part of the various courses I deliver, and others, making this the most individualized and personalized traineeship possible.

What THEY say

What you will learn:


Receive relevant, insightful feedback using direct data from your boss, peers and teachers.


Understand your preferred leadership behaviors currently in practice and the possible gaps with your desired state.


Identify specific leadership practice areas for development and receive compelling guidance on how to influence your leadership behavior.


Build action and accountability into your development, focusing on practical steps to take: no wishy-washy pep talks that are theoretical only.

How you will spend your time:

This traineeship is tailored around your personal calendar of events and completely customisable to fit your needs. The following are features of the training that could be incorporated.

Before we start, we dive deep into your goals, conduct the 360° Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ (LEA) assessment and co-create a concrete plan to work towards, step by step.

We identify and clarify what the 360° LEA™ assessment reports. Together we consider, weigh, analyze and surmise after which we draw conclusions of what the perception data tells us.

We create personalized learning goals based on the 360° LEA™ report and our reflection on the results. We clarify what growth you will achieve and the milestones that would be your indicators of success.

Based on the agreed goals, we develop a detailed plan of action. This plan will serve as a roadmap to guide you throughout the traineeship.

We schedule 55-minute video calls on a weekly or monthly basis, tailored to your goals and aligned with the roadmap. During these 10 sessions, we evaluate your progress, discuss the next steps, and I provide guidance to ensure your success. I’ll equip you with all the necessary resources and support to help you reach your goals. If needed, I can provide feedback on recordings of you or other artifacts of your work.

Have a quick question or need support in between our scheduled sessions? You can reach me via WhatsApp, WeChat or Line. I’m here to provide guidance and address any queries that arise along the way.

“Find out how your team members are viewed as leaders. Then change leadership behaviors to change perceptions.”

Are you ready to experience the powerful insights of the LEA 360™?

High-level insights into your leadership behavior and effectiveness are a critical foundation for development. The LEA 360™ development report delivers several powerful tools for group work, including:

  • Provide relevant, insightful feedback to leaders from a variety of observers
  • Provide constructive coaching suggestions for key areas of leadership development
  • Understand the leadership behaviors currently in practice and possible gaps with your desired state.
  • Build action and accountability into your leadership development process, with intentionality at the heart.
  • Identify specific leadership practices needed to achieve your ambition.

For more on the LEA 360™ , see here.

“My Individual Leadership Effectiveness Training is a traineeship for ambitious school leaders and high potentials who want to build on their individual skills as well as work on their team dynamics”

This traineeship is right for you if:

Your school environment lacks the guidance or mentoring you need

You want to receive specific guidance based on actual performance data from your supervisor, your colleagues and the teachers you lead

You want to identify which leadership behaviour is holding you back, at this point in time

You see leadership behaviors in team members that are not productive yet

“This investment covers the entirety of our coaching journey together, where I will be by your side, supporting you in your personal development. Just imagine the incredible results we can accomplish together!”


Individual Leadership Effectiveness Training

Whether your goal is to succeed in your current role, get the dream job you want or move to a better work environment, this intensive VIP traineeship provides you with the support and guidance you need.

The full program includes:

10 sessions of comprehensive coaching experience

360° LEA™ report

1 collaborative feedback & reflection session

1 individual plan strategy session

1 personalized action plan

WhatsApp support

I add in or switch out learning experiences from my Healthy School Culture and/ or my Engage Teachers through Expert Facilitation training, as needed, making this the most personalized traineeship possible.


We collaborate for 3 to 12 months, aimed at achieving a concrete goal, whether in a three-month ‘sprint’ or up to a maximum of one year, fitting our sessions into your day-to-day schedule.

The full program, including assessment (€240), currently costs €2850 (normal price €3600)

A half program option is available upon request and costs €1850 (normal price €2550)

Please note I welcome individuals from anywhere to take advantage of my services. I see diversity as a strength and strive to be as inclusive as possible. People from BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented communities are encouraged to join. If you need accommodations during any of the programs, workshops or courses, you are welcome to reach out to and I will be happy to assist.

I am committed to helping right past wrongs and do my part. Therefore, I take on additional VIP traineeships against a significantly reduced fee. Please contact me directly for details.