Growth requires exploration and intention.

Develop your own unique model of successful leadership.

Partner with me and let me help you get there!

Build leadership effectiveness through leadership development traineeships

My highly practical, accelerated leadership development options provide high-potentials with the feedback, tools and support needed to reach their potential quickly.

Each training is personalized through individual or small group coaching sessions and an individual development plan and takes advantage of 1:1 coaching sessions with me.

Each training includes the 360° Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ assessment tools and my research-based Healthy School Culture content.

MRG 360° Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™

This sophisticated tool provides detailed feedback from your boss(es) and teachers, through 22 leadership behaviors, creating an insightful profile and providing actionable insights into the impact you have on your school.

Leadership Development traineeships

Team Leadership Effectiveness Training

This training is a traineeship for ambitious school leadership teams that want to build on their individual leadership skills as well as work on their team dynamics.

Individual Leadership Effectiveness Training

This training is a traineeship for talented school leaders and high potentials who want to build their leadership skills and awareness so they reach their potential quickly.

“Find out how you are viewed as a leader. If necessary, change your leadership behavior and change perceptions”

The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ assessment tool

The 360° Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ assessment, designed by Management Research Group, offers an expansive, holistic, and unparalleled view of leadership competencies and provides a clear roadmap for growth and increased success. By embracing personalised leadership competencies, the 360° LEA™ stimulates growth through insights that are accurate, encouraging, and actionable.

Training for school leadership

“We use the assessment to reflect on gaps between perception and reality, leading to deep self-awareness”

Why the 360° Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ assessment?

It works for educators

It measures 22 leadership behaviors rather than any unchangeable character traits. You can change behavior.

These are the six core functions it measures:

  1. Creating a Vision
  2. Developing Followership
  3. Implementing the Vision
  4. Following Through
  5. Achieving Results
  6. Team Playing

Positive intent

I chose this tool because I have found it to make a positive difference in a way that is non-evaluative, inclusive and contextual. It provides clues as to where you can be more effective. In a clever way, it suggests what specific behavior you can change that is certain to develop your effectiveness.

The tool meets my primary objective of preparing leaders to lead in schools where equity is a central desired outcome.

What MRG say

“The model is more complex and less transparent than a typical assessment, which honors the complexity of individuals.

The semi-ipsative format makes it difficult to ‘game’ or ‘manipulate’ the test.

The results are presented in a descriptive, non-evaluative format, leaving the recipient fully aware of the assets and liabilities of their current behavior patterns.

Scores tend to accurately distinguish among individuals and among behavior practices.

It works across geographic, industry, and organizational cultures.”

“Growth as a leader requires exploration and intention”

How do we use the 360° Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ assessment?

In partnership, we will use this tool to build self-awareness and create a personal development plan. This way, you develop leadership behaviors that you can use throughout your career as you become a reflective practitioner and lifelong learner.

I provide feedback, using my knowledge and experience and your desired goal, so that you can:

Identify specific leadership practices needed to achieve your ambition.

Understand the leadership behaviors currently in practice and possible gaps with your desired state.

Build action and accountability into your leadership development process, with intentionality at the heart.

What makes it 360°?

It collects and integrates feedback from four groups to provide a complete picture of your leadership competencies:

1) Your supervisors or line-managers
2) Your peers
3) Your direct-reports
4) Self-evaluation (completed by you)

Who should you choose for your 360°?

In schools, this can be a difficult question as we often have multiple levels of leaders and direct-reports. Therefore, we work together to choose the best respondents for you. Here is an example for a vice-Principal in a small school:

Supervisor: Head of School and/or Principal
Peer: other vice-Principal

Direct reports: Coordinators and/or Heads of Department you directly lead, and the teachers and other colleagues you indirectly lead

What THEY say