School meetings are often painful. And a waste of time.

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Training: Facilitation Skills

This course is a cure for the most painful part of many educators’ day: poor meetings. Facilitation is the conscious act of guiding the limited time teachers have together. The job is to make sure it stays on course, to make sure everyone is engaged, and to reach the agreed-upon aims. And crucially: not a waste of time.

Learn to lead engaging meetings with an understanding of the 3 types of facilitation and the 4 meeting types in schools. Execute the managerial tasks that will keep your staff engaged, and bolster your effectiveness by adding the right amount of drama, and combat meeting fatigue.

Signs of an expert include:

clarity in message

engaged teachers and higher morale

provokes a healthy level of cognitive conflict

inclusive practices that work for all participants

Engage teachers

A reflective, in-depth course that helps talented educators manage their participants using persuasive, compelling guidance techniques.

“Engaging staff in school meetings is a skill that can be learnt”

In the Facilitation Skills training you will learn, practice and apply specific blueprints for the most common types of larger whole-school or divisional school meetings as well as for recurring meetings such as department meetings, grade level meetings, and middle & senior leadership team meetings. This course also looks at techniques that help you manage the emotion of yourself as well as your participants, in the moment, and how to prepare for them mentally.

Each coaching group has a maximum of 12 participants and this makes the learning personal and keeps feedback individual.

What THEY say

What you will learn:


The 3 types of facilitation and how to recognise the right type of facilitation needed to reach your aims


The 4 meeting types in schools and how to cater for them effectively by adding ‘drama’ in the right dose


How to understand and meet the needs of diverse participants


How to respond to strong emotions in yourself and in others while you facilitate

How you will spend your time:

Develop your conceptual understanding:

  • Each Live Learning session is a 2-hour learning experience during which you will come together with your facilitator/coach to master the 3 types of engaging in-house facilitation and the 4 effective school meeting types.
  • Together we examine each step of each framework through example learning experiences and structured interaction.
  • Then experiment with each step by adapting, changing and expanding on the knowledge presented.
  • Each session has its own theme.

Practice your skills:

  • Each Peer Review session is a 2-hour learning experience during which you present and showcase 1 in-house facilitation and 1 school meeting, conducted in your school.
  • Receive individualised, direct and explicit feedback showcasing your growth in understanding of each framework in action, as well as provide peer feedback to others.

Apply and showcase your learning by submitting evidence of 1 in-house facilitation and 1 school meeting conducted in your school:

  • Motivate understanding of content
  • Showcase application in your setting
  • Choose next steps for continuous learning

The first and final live sessions together are preparation and closing Q&A sessions:

  • Connect previous knowledge with session content and objectives.
  • Evaluate our learning throughout the course and celebrate achievement.

Join our online workshop, or inquire into private training options for you or your school instead.

This workshop is right for you if:

You want people to enjoy attending large and small school meetings

You want to see their participation result in a change of practice

You struggle with resistant participants

Maximise the use of time

Building Blocks of a Healthy School Culture

“Everything is practical, relevant and fast and you’ll never get anything gimmicky or airy-fairy from me”

What else you need to know:

Small groups: minimum 4 and maximum 12 participants

All my feedback is recorded and produced exclusively to you.

Participants have access to content for 30 days after the last session to help supplement learning.


Individual: €775  currently for €600

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