Learn how to lead meaningful in-house PD in your school.

I help talented educators become engaging workshop leaders and facilitation experts.

Engage your staff…

… and learn how to facilitate meaningful professional development opportunities and what it takes to create adult learning spaces where participants are excited to learn. Boost communication and trust, between leaders and staff, through the courses Workshop Coaching and Facilitation Skills that engage and inspire.

 Signs of an expert include:

clarity in message

engaged teachers and higher morale

provokes a healthy level of cognitive conflict

inclusive practices that work for all participants

Learn how to lead meaningful in-house PD in your school

Engage your teachers through expert facilitation!

What do you want to do?

Training: Workshop Coaching

A highly interactive, fast-paced course to help innovative educators deliver inspiring and engaging workshops to their staff. Learn the 9-step framework that makes each in-house workshop successful.

Training: Facilitation Skills

A reflective, in-depth course that helps talented educators manage their participants using persuasive, compelling guidance techniques. Learn the 3 types of facilitation and the 4 meeting types in schools and how to cater for them effectively by adding ‘drama’.

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